Thorn Profile

Creator: Cliff Brussee
Creation Date: July 4, 2074
Specials: Speed-Kick, Off-Wall Attack, Spike-Charge

Additional Info: A real favorite among the populace, the Thorn unit was the first to use monofilament technology. The points of the "spikes" come to a single molecule, which gives Thorn a punch that can cut through normal metal like it is paper. This HAR can use its spikes to attack in several different ways. His long legs also provide a powerful weapon at medium range.

Speed Kick = Down-DownFront-Front+Kick
Shadow Speed Kick = Back-DownBack-Down-DownFront-Front+Kick
Spike Charge = Front, Front+Punch
Off-the-wall Attack = Jump(against the wall), DownFront+Kick

Scrap = Back, Back, Front+Punch
Destruction = Up, Down+Punch (Do it right after your opponent has been "spiked".)
Fire & Ice = Up, Up, Down+Punch (Do it right after your opponent goes through the floor.)

NOTE: If you have problems doing the Fire & Ice move, do the move over and over after doing the destruction.


A Thorn, about to throw its opponent towards the wall (Spike Charge)
A Thorn kicking its opponent in its face.


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