Full Name: Steffan Tommas
Age: 17
Specialty: Sales and Marketing



Brief Details: Although he is the youngest competitor in tournament history, Steffan fights with skill beyond his years.

Full Details: The arrogant son of the Tommas family, one of the most influential families in the Iolo colony on Luna, Steffan is for all practical purposes a spoiled brat. He believes himself the center of the Universe and knows that Ganymede is simply another step to his final destination, President of WAR. The fact that, at 17, he has the skill and brains of someone twice his age only makes him seem that much more aloof. In combat, as in life, he tends to rely on a vicious onslaught of blows to destroy his opponent.

What Happens When You Win: Well, well, the wicked witch is dead... That's going to make your job much easier! Firstly, that Nova Project sounds like it could be a great thing to pick up again. Perhaps the old man just didn't have the right brain...
Ganymede was easy. Kreissack was a breeze. The next challenge will be all of Jupiter. Then Mars, then Earth. But for now, you must meet your people.
As you fly towards the moon, you close your eyes and start thinking about what you'll soon have. Nobody can stop you now.

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