Shredder Profile

Creator: Marcus Knight
Creation Date: February 30, 2086
Specials: Head-Butt, Flip Kick, Flying Hands

Additional Info: Originally intended for mining operations, the Shredder now sees plenty of combat time. One of the fastest HAR's, this unit can stun an enemy before it can form an adequate defense. The hands on the mech can actually be thrown at an enemy and the magnetic systems on the arms will return the hands back to the body. Shredder can also hurl itself headfirst at an enemy, causing the blade on top of its head to do considerable harm. The unit's "Flip Kick" is a favorite move of many
pilots, since it can jump over projectiles and then hit the source with incredible speed.

Flying Hands = Down-DownBack-Back+Punch
Head-Butt = Down-DownFront-Front+Punch
Shadow Head Butt = Back-DownBack-Down-DownFront-Front+Punch
Flip Kick = Down, Down+Kick

Scrap = Down, Front+Punch
Destruction = Down, Up, Up+Punch (Do it while the Shredder is shredding your opponent.)
Fire & Ice = Up-UpBack-Back-DownBack-Down+Kick (Press and hold Up while tossing your opponent into the air, and then do the rest of the move right after your opponent explodes.)

NOTE: If the Fire & Ice move doesn't work, do it again and again while your opponent is in the air.


A Shredder performing the Head-Butt move
A Shredder doing a back-kick to its opponent
Shredder throwing his blades up, after victory


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