Full Name: Raven (Last Name Unknown)
Age: 26
Specialty: Bodyguard, Kick boxer



Brief Details: As Major Kreissack's bodyguard and right-hand, Raven has beaten and humiliated many inside, and outside the arena.

Full Details: Nobody knows of Raven's life before becoming Kreissack's right-hand man, but since coming on board in such an important position, he has definitely made himself known. He is brutal both in and out of any competition, and has killed more than two dozen people "in self defense". Many believe that Kreissack wants Raven in the position at Ganymede for his own devious purposes. Raven himself does want the position, but not for Kreissack. He believes Kreissack is an ambitious
fool and wants nothing more than to someday let one of the assassins intended for Kreissack accidentally slip through security and hit his mark.

What Happens You Win: "Who could have asked for more? What a bonus! Getting Ganymede and delivering the death blow to Kreissack himself! Ofcourse, you'll need to deal with the wimps on the board of directors, but with the big boss out of the way, they'll be little more than fodder."
"One of those predictable little paper pushers already tried to change the order earlier, you remember..."
"'Dinner, Sir.' You look down as the covering over your meal is raised.
'Rare Steak. My favorite, Jonesy!' You inhale the pungent aroma of your victory feast..."
"Too pungent... You smile...
'Jonesey? This contains noxosilinone aerodide. Very deadly, very expensive poison. Smells a little like chicken. Could you take it away, please?'"
"He stammers, '...Yes...Sir...will that be all, sir?' He says backing out of the room. He shuts the door behind him before you have time to answer.
'No that definitely will not be all...' You lean back in your chair, throwing your hands behind your head, 'That will be just the beginning...'"
"Now you fly towards the moon making a mental list of men who have that unhealthy tendency to think for themselves. You can't help smiling when the a thought occurs... Now you need a bodyguard."

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