Pyros Profile

Creator: James Sweeney
Creation Date: June 5, 2076
Specials: Fire Spin, Super Thrust Attack, Jet Swoop

Additional Info: The colossal Pyros unit is used primarily for space station design. Normally, the unit is equipped with a huge array of tools necessary to keep deep-space machinery in working condition. It uses its various jet systems to move itself between various objects in space without needing a shuttle or external jet pack.
In combat, the Pyros is a formidable arsenal of flame. It can change the direction in the air, jump forwards and backwards while attacking, and can "swoop" down on an enemy with a powerful blow. Pyros does lack in the speed department, but the damage caused by its flame throwers more than makes up for its sluggish movement.

Super Thrust = Front, Front+Punch
Shadow Super Thrust = Front, Front, Front+Punch
Jet Swoop = Jump, Down+Kick
Fire Spin = Down, Punch (Must be quite near opponent.)

Scrap = Front, Front, Down, Down+Punch (then after 4 hits, ) Up+Punch (hold these.)
Destruction = Down+Punch (press and hold quickly right after the eighth hit of the Scrap.)
Fire & Ice = Up, Down, Down+Punch (time the move so as to press the D+P right as your opponent explodes.)

NOTE: The Scrap, Destruction and Fire & Ice moves require some practice.


A Pyros performing the Jet Swoop move
Pyros burning its opponent
Pyros, victorious


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