Nova Profile

Creator: Scientists at WAR's Nova Laboratories
Creation Date: Year 2097
Specials: Missile, Air-Missile, Mini-Grenade, Earthquake Slam, Chest Slam

Additional Info: The Nova was designed by the scientists at WAR's Nova Laboratories. Through its development period, the project was kept a secret and no one knew of it other than the scientists. The Nova 'bot differs from all other HARs. Unlike other HARs, where the body is in a room and the needles in the skull of the pilot connect the two, in the Nova, the brain of the pilot is put directly into the HAR. This allows crippled and disabled people to lead a better life. During the creation of the Nova, two scientists, Dr. and Mrs. Devroe, parents of Christian and Crystal, were believed to be murdered in a space shuttle from Luna to Earth.
The Nova, in combat, is a heavily armed 'bot. It carries many missiles and grenades with it, that it can use against an enemy 'bot. It has a very powerful hydraulic system that allows it to hit an opponent with immense force or hit the ground with so much force that it causes a mild earthquake.

Missile = Down-DownTowards-Towards+Punch
Air-Missile = Jump, Down-DownTowards-Towards+Punch
Mini-Grenade = Down-DownBack-Back+Punch
Earthquake Slam = Down, Down+Punch
Chest Slam = Jump, Down+Punch (Do Down+Punch when over opponent.)

Scrap = Down-DownBack-Back,Front+Punch
Destruction = Down, Down, Punch (Hit Punch right after the 5th hit of the Scrap.)
Fire & Ice = Not applicable because the Nova was only designed for use with the tournament mode.

NOTE: If the Destruction doesn't work, keep hitting Down+Punch over and over after the 3rd hit of the Scrap.


A Nova using its powerful arms for the Earthquake Slam move
A Nova watching its Missile flying towards its opponent
Nova laughs at its opponent's remains after winning


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