Full Name: Milano Angston
Age: 35
Specialty: Security, Kick Boxing



Brief Details: Recruited by Raven for his outstanding kickboxing skills, Milano's speed and dexterity are legendary.

Full Details: Milano Angston, as only son of WAR founder Herbert Angston, has no need for money. Though Wright and Angston are now associated with their company in name only, the family is wealthy beyond measure from the nearly thirty years of success in WAR's early days. At the age of 19, Milano left his family and changed his last name to Steele. He became known internationally for his almost inhuman dexterity and Kickboxing skill, and in 2090 was hired by Raven to become a security chief for WAR. Milano never mentioned his family background, and secretly hopes to take WAR back and use the company's power for the reasons originally intended by his father.

What Happens When You Win: With Kreissack dead, there are going to be obvious changes. The board of directors is already talking about electing a new president and you're just the man for the job as well. First you need to bring Ganymede up to speed. Then use its enormous natural resources to produce HARs at record pace. Then, when the recognition is there, bid for president.
Once president, you can reveal your true name, and show that this company is your birthright. Once again, WAR will be a company for helping mankind not ending it. Perhaps you can even change the name to Aeronautics and Robotics Technologies!
As you fly towards the moon, a peace falls over you. You feel like you can finally relax. Now that the hard part of the journey is over.

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Raven (Milano was recruited by him)


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