Full Name: Dr. Lithius Styringer

Statistics (best to worst):
Focus, Agility, Endurance, Power

Appearance: Lithius is young, but has pale (almost gray) skin. He is very thin, with a prominent bone structure, harsh jawbone and predatory hooked nose. He wears a black non-reflective one-piece suit, making his body a mere shadow, and making his long white face stand out. His bony, thin face itself is covered in shadows, making it look a lot like a solemn skull in the darkness. His hair is only just paler than his skin, and is very thin and scraggly. He has piercing green eyes that look like emeralds through the shadows.

Personality/Background: Lithius was educated by his parents instead of going to the W.A.R. academy like his friends. His father was an expert in servo-robotics, and pioneered fast and accurate servomotors for androids; his mother was an exceptional researcher in neural kinetics. Lithius was brought up by them as a tester for their projects at a very young age, and as a result has become an exceptional handler of robots. On the surface he is emotionless, but behind his emerald eyes burns a rage of cold resentment for his upbringing. Everyone he is near feels a drop in temperature around him, and the sight of his skull-like face with the sharp green eyes sends a chill down the spine of all he faces.

Fighting Style: Lithius does not linger. He will end a fight as quickly and painlessly as possible. He does not like to dodge, he never needs to - he just does not give his opponents a chance to attack. He immobilizes them, and then destroys them. Simple, and fast. He is not strong, but he has learned to use his enemy's strength against them with highly accurate martial maneuvers to disable their primary power and attack through their weak spots. He learns fast, but is far from unbeatable... he uses an opponent's rage and stupidity to expose their weak spots, be careful and diligent, and he is beatable.

"Watch your back, it may be the last thing you see."
"Do not bother to count the seconds, you'll be dead long before then."

Creator: Alexander Wood ( pilot contest)


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