Katana Profile

Creator: Hans Kreissack
Creation Date: November 10, 2078
Specials: Rising Blade, Head Stomp, Razor Spin

Additional Info: Often advertised as "The Ultimate Weapon", Katana is nothing more than deadly force. Using monofilament blades for hands, this unit can carve through a five-meter-thick wall of solid lead in less than ten seconds. Behind the blades are two very strong legs which allow the Katana to perform some amazing offensive maneuvers.
The Katana can jump, extending one arm upward, high enough to knock airplanes out of the sky. It can use its powerful legs to stomp on an enemy. It can also leap towards a wall, then use the force of the rebound to turn itself into a spinning mass of sharp steel.

Rising Blade = Down-DownFront-Front+Punch
Shadow Rising Blade = Back-DownBack-Down-DownFront-Front+Punch
Head Stomp = Jump, Down+Kick
Razor Spin = Down-DownFront-(either Front or Back)+Kick

Scrap = Front-DownFront-Down-DownBack-Back+Punch
Destruction = Back-DownBack-Down-DownFront-Front+Punch (Do it quickly after the Katana slashes your opponent.)
Fire & Ice = Back-DownBack-Down-DownFront-Front+Kick (Do it right after you slash and destroy your opponent's bot.)

NOTE: If the Fire & Ice move doesn't work, do it again and again after the destruction.


A Katana doing the Rising Blade move
Katana cutting up a Chronos
Katana wins with ease


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