Full Name: Jormund (last name unknown)
Age: 67

Statistics (best to worst):
Power (very high), Endurance/Agility (low), Focus (very low)

Appearance: A humongous man, looks barbaric. Large, strong features, perhaps a Norse look about him. Frowning, superior expression. Bald (about to mid-skull), yet his hair grows long. He has a multiple-bounded ponytail and a dual-bound beard (also white). Shows no sign of frailty for an old man.

Personality/Background: Jormund is a monstrosity of a man. Though ancient for a fighter, the only ill effect he takes from his great age is his lack of endurance. He wants nothing more than dominance over all men, though political dominance does not seem to be an issue to him. His desire to kill has led him to do so many times, always with bare hands. He had nearly served his second manslaughter sentence to completion when he got in a fight in jail, killing six inmates with bare hands and gym weights. By a controversial court decision, he is allowed to leave jail only with armored police escort to fight in the arenas.

Fighting Style: Jormund is vicious and quick to attack. Refuses to use ranged fighting techniques. Uses his most powerful attack whenever possible. Loves to grab the opponent. Not especially effective with more than 3-hit combos. Overconfident. Will try attacks that aren't appropriate for the opponent 'bot or pilot or situation. May miss the opponent outright.

"You WILL fall."
"You will find no mercy in me."
"I will crush you with my bare hands!"

Creator: Pyronius (in the pilot contest)


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