Full Name: Jean-Paul
Age: 27
Specialty: Market Analyst



Brief Details: His calculating and devious nature along with well-rounded abilities often intimidate Jean-Paul's opponents.

Full Details: John-Paul is an enigma. During his childhood, it was found that he had an uncanny ability to absorb information of any kind. He would score perfect on any test, and was hired at a young age for the first job WAR could place him in. The company has asked several times if he would volunteer for "genetic research", but John-Paul knows that they simply want to know how he can have such a perfect mind. He also knows of the corruption within WAR and hopes to gain enough support from other companies to finally overthrow the larger "monster" before it does any more damage.
In combat, John-Paul is calculating and has very well-rounded abilities. He rarely ever speaks, but always seems to be calm and sure of himself. He is as defensive in the arena as he is in public.

What Happens When You Win: Ofcourse! Kreissack's secret! What could happen with your perfect mind inside a perfect body? You find on your compulink a key to a huge room buried deep within Ganymede. Opening the door, you gaze upon the largest scientific facility you have ever seen. Obviously Kreissack was planning a future here. His future. "Home" you say, hearing the word echoed back from the darkness.

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