Full Name: Ibrahim Hothe
Age: 48
Specialty: Robotics Engineer



Brief Details: A retired triathlete, Ibrahim's patience and honesty have made him a valued mentor to many aspiring competitors.

Full Details: A retired triathlete, Ibrahim believes in a sharp mind and body. Probably the best designer of HAR's, he has under his belt the design of the Jaguar, Mantis, and Omega 'bots. The Jaguar is his most famous, since the Mantis and Omega are mostly used for exploration of hostile environments (EHE) missions. Ibrahim is considered a mentor by many of the pilots, as he is always seen in the docking bays making sure "his babies" are being taken care of. Ganymede will no doubt give him more influence over new designs, and though he craves the position he still wants to design the future 'bots. He cares little for the inner politics of WAR, but simply loves the machines.
His knowledge of the internal workings of the HARs makes him a favorite to win. He often will take a few hits and then return fire with incredible accuracy.

What Happens When You Win: Nova... amazing... You remember the feeling as that monster of a robot appeared opposite you. Still amazed that you were able to overcome something so powerful, you sit through the endless meetings and hearings in a daze.
"Mr. Jihad. Is it alright?"
You realize that someone who has been talking to you for the last fifteen minutes expects a reply.
"Certainly... James, is it?" Yes... whatever... I'm sorry but you gentlemen will have to excuse me..."
You leave, ignoring the protest from the WAR board of directors. Their squabble over who will be the next king of the hill does little more than annoy you.
"How can I build that robot?" you say out loud. You enter your office and immediately begin scribbling notes on the metals you noticed during the fight. The placement of the arms... the probable micromotors in the hands...
The Nova robot you design will one day take its place in WAR's ever increasing arsenal of robots. Though the model you design will never hold an actual human brain, the Nova will soon become the most formidable 'bot in the catalogue...
... and Ganymede is where production will start... The plans are forming as you fly towards the moon. No doubt about it, the moon will work perfectly.

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