Force Profile

Creator: Unknown
Creation Date: Somewhere between 2097 to 2200
Specials: Super Bomb, Super Vortex, Super Meteor Call, Super Gravity Well

Additional Info: Equipped with technology originally designed to divert debris from the path of spacecraft, Force can manipulate gravity to create a wide variety of effects. Deflecting projectiles, pushing and pulling opponents, crushing robots in a gravity vortex, and even pulling asteroids from space to pierce an opponent's armor. This wide range of abilities gives Force options in every situation.

Deflector Sheild (Physical) = Front, Front + Left Kick
Deflector Sheild (Projectile) = Front, Front + Right Kick
Meteor Call = Back, Back + Punch
Super Meteor Call = Back, Back + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Gravity Well = Back, Back + Kick
Super Gravity Well = Back, Back + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Generate Bomb = Back, Front + Punch
Super Bomb = Back, Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch] (do with 2 bombs)
Generate Vortex = Back, Front + Kick
Super Vortex = Back, Front + [Left Kick+Right Kick] (do with 2 vortices)
Throw = Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]


Force jumping with two vortices and a nuke in its hands!
Force showing off its coolness
Force's deflector can protect it from certain attacks
Force's vortex sucks opponents towards it and damages them.
Gravity well
Meteor Call
Gray and green chrome skins
White and yellow chrome skins
Gray and red stone skins
Green and black-red stone skins
Force dodging the jaguar's attack
Force with the lightning power-up
Force's miniature black hole sucking a Warlord
Force, ready to use the vortex
Another one of Force's many moves
Performing a meteor call in the Volcano arena


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