Flail Profile

Creator: Stephen Jamison
Creation Date: May 19, 2083
Specials: Spinning Throw, Charging Punch, Swinging Chains

Additional Info: This 'bot is the greatest thing to happen to general construction work since the hammer. Capable of building and demolition, it uses its five ton chains for the heavier jobs. This unit will be the primary model used for the initial colonization of Ganymede.
When used for combat purposes, Flail's chains come in handy. Most of the special offensive maneuvers center around the use of these chains as weapons. Also, Flail can use its powerful Charging Punch, which is guaranteed by WAR to level any mortar wall built by man.

Charging Punch = Back, Back+Punch
Shadow Charging Punch = Down-DownBack-Back, Back+Punch
Slow Swinging Chains = Down, Kick
Fast Swinging Chains = Down, Punch
Spinning Throw = Front, Front+Kick (Must be near opponent.)

Scrap = Front, Front, Front+Punch (and then right after your opponent is slammed against the wall,) Front, Back+Punch
Destruction = Back, Front+Punch (Do this after your Flail turns around and starts toward the other wall.)
Fire & Ice = Front-DownFront-Down-DownBack-Back+Kick, and keep repeating after the opponent blows up.

NOTE: If the Destruction doesn't work, keep repeating it over and over right after you do the Scrap.


Flail performing the charging punch move
A Flail doing the Swinging Chains move
Flail wins... again


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