Full Name: Crystal Devroe
Age: 23
Specialty: Genetic Engineering



Brief Details: Forced to fend herself after her parents mysterious death, Crystal's determination has earned great respect.

Full Details: Crystal Devroe, and her brother Christian, are twin children of Dr. and Mrs. Devroe. Dr. Devroe was a head researcher for WAR five years ago, and it was mostly his good name that gave Crystal and Christian their positions in the company. Though Devroe's research was held in highest secrecy, Crystal knew it had something to do with biogenetic research.
Both her parents died five years ago, the only passengers in a shuttle from Luna to Earth. Her brother suspects murder, and though he won't tell his suspicions, she does also. The only clue she carries is a DigiLink Access Code with the word "Nova" on it, found in her father's briefcase. She knows the power that Ganymede carries. She knows that Ganymede would mean access to WAR's Core computer system. She believes that WAR is responsible and that the access code will gain her entry into the secret files and hopefully the information on what happened to her parents.

What Happens When You Win: They had to give you top priority access immediately. Your first act was to jump onto a private link and use the code you've been carrying since your parent's death. Accessing a personal log from your father, you find out what Nova was all about.
Your father along with other researchers were working on a way to keep a human brain alive. Little did they realize the real reason for their experiments.. When your father discovered Kreissack was trying to form a cyborg army using his experiments, he quit the project.
He should have known that Kreissack wasn't going to let him walk away. The records showed a $1500K payoff to Iron Fist for "research". Iron Fist, hired under Kreissack's direct orders killed your parents. Now, he is also dead. The Nova Project will not continue.
As you step onto the elevator to the next shuttle to Ganymede, you imagine the changes you can help bring to WAR. Now you have the power to bring those dreams to reality. As you fly towards the moon, a peace falls over you. You feel like you can finally be happy, now that your parents deaths have been avenged.

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