Full Name: Christian Devroe
Age: 23
Specialty: Genetic Engineering, Jujitsu



Brief Details: Christian's aggressive style strikes fear in the minds of competitors and desire in the hearts of many young women.

Full Details: Christian knows that the shuttle which carried his parents was destroyed on purpose. The passenger manifest listed thirty persons going aboard the craft, and all the names on the list weren't real. WAR killed his parents, and he wants revenge. The fact that his sister Crystal seems to be in on the hunt only scares Christian. He realizes the power of WAR and is afraid for her safety. When she applied for the Ganymede position, as he knew she would, Christian vowed he would beat her himself just to keep her from putting herself in the possibly dangerous position of Head of Ganymede. His anger and bitterness are such that he never stops training to win, and his opponents will agree that he is about the most aggressive fighter in the contest.

What Happens When You Win: In the small Alco-Bar you meet the leader of the infamous mercenary group, Iron Fist. With Kreissack out of the way, they freely admitted to being hired to kill everyone associated with the Nova Project. They explain that your parents were placed on a shuttle craft then destroyed by laser fire. Out of anger, you draw a gun, ready to strike down at least one of those enemies in revenge before the rest vaporize you.
Your sidearm isn't there. You fume as the Iron Fist representatives laugh. Their leader speaks, "Your revenge is over, friend. Anyway, we need you on Ganymede alive. There is still much work to be done."
"Your parents were dead whether we killed them or not. Now we need you to join us in fighting WAR. Kreissack was just the beginning. Watch your back kid."
Now, you prepare to board the ship that will take you to your new life... As you fly towards the moon, a peace falls over you. You feel like you can finally be happy now that your parents deaths have been avenged.

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