Pyros Profile

Creator: James Sweeney
Creation Date: June 5, 2076
Specials: Super Fire Spin, Super Flame Thrower, Super Fire Ball

Additional Info: The first Pyros was used in 2076 in the construction of orbital platforms, and was equipped with a host of welding and assembly tools. Stripped of these extras, and repeatedly modified over the last three decades, Pyros has evolved into a formidable fighting machine. Its specialty is damaging groups of opponents at medium range - using its flamethrowers, fire-spin, and even throwing a huge ball of fire that bowls over everything in its path.

Fire Spin = Front, Front + Punch
Air Fire Spin = Jump, Front, Front + Punch
Sideways Fire Spin = Left/Right, Left/Right + Punch
Fireball = Back, Front + Punch
Super Fireball = Back, Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Flamethrower = Back, Back + Punch
Super Flamethrower = Back, Back + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Throw = Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]


A Warlord being destructed by a super fireball
Pyros using its Super Fire Spin move
The Super Fire Spin is useful when opponents are charging torwards you
Pyros taking off
Face and chest
Pyros' front
Pyros looking down at you
Pyros' back
Pyros from above
An in-game shot of the pyros
Early pyros drawing
Pyros sketch by Juan Villegas
Pyros' Super Fireball move
Pyros' Super Flame Thrower special
Pyros beating up a Warlord robot


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