Katana Profile

Creator: Hans Kreissack
Creation Date: November 10, 2078
Specials: Unknown

Additional Info: Created by the long-dead leader of W.A.R., Katana has always been advertised as "The Ultimate Weapon". Using molecule-sharp blades in place of hands, it can carve through armor in seconds. Katana combines its deadly hand-to-hand abilities with a powerful set of legs that can propel it into the air or off walls to attack opponents. These lunging strikes, combined with Katana's spinning combo attacks, make it perfect for attacking several opponents at once.

Rising Blade = Front, Front + Punch
Side Rising Blade = Left/Right, Left/Right + Punch
Super Rising Blade = Front, Front + [Left Punch+Right Punch]
Sonic Blade = Back, Front + Punch
Razor Kick = Front, Front + Kick
Side Razor Kick = Left/Right, Left/Right + Kick
Air Razor Kick = Jump, Direction, Direction + Kick
Super Razor Kick = Front, Front + [Left Kick+Right Kick]
Throw = Front, [Left Punch+Right Punch]


Katana's Sonic Blade move cuts right through your opponent
Katana giving a swift but powerful kick to an unsuspecting Jaguar
Katana exploiting its male opponent's weakness
She's fierce, she's agile ... She's Katana!
Katana jumping high and looking cooler than ever
An in-game shot of the Katana
The infamous Katana sketch by Juan
Katana pic rendered in 3D Studio MAX
Katana ready to slice some 'bot
Katana in the Pharaoh's Fire arena
Katana's powerful legs allow it to jump well


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