Gargoyle Profile

Creator: Marcus Knight
Creation Date: March 16, 2068
Specials: Talon Dive, Scream, Whirlwind

Additional Info: Gargoyle's unique ability to glide around the arenas unleashing devastating swoops, dives, claws, and wing attacks gives this unique HAR the height advantage when it comes to head to head arena league fighting.


Gargoyle about to beat the snot out of a Pyros
Gargoyle swooping down in the City arena
Gargoyle scratching a Jaguar to strips with its powerful claws
Gaygoyle's Super Talon Dive Move
Airborne Gargoyle in the City arena
The sheer size of the Gargoyle can intimidate its opponents
Gargoyle using its scream attack as a defense
First gargoyle pic ever to seen by the public)
Initial redesign sketch of the OMF:BG gargoyle
First revision of sketch
Gargoyle's 3D mesh


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