Full Name: Angel (Last Name Unknown)
Age: Unknown
Specialty: Unknown



Brief Details: Angel's past is shrouded in mystery. Aside from her reclusive disposition, and strong will, little is known of her.

Full Details: Angel seemed to come out of nowhere. When her name was announced as a finalist for the position, reporters were astounded by the fact that not only did she not have any known background, but she wasn't even an employee of the company.
She never talks with the other finalists, and until the competition has not even been seen.

What Happens You Win: "Imagine that old fool thinking that simply placing his brain inside a robot would make him some sort of God! These humans will never understand that destruction never makes progress.."
*Your eyes close*
"<695342: Operations are proceeding as planned. I have not been discovered.>
<000126: Acknowledged. We are listening. Have you become their leader?>
<695342: I am their leader for our moon. They call it Ganymede.>
<000385: Then we have won. They will leave now.>
<695342: Not yet. I will soon be asked if I want to become president of WAR.>
<000014: You will accept Then they will leave. We will be alone again.>
<695342: Yes, but they know the minerals our planet has. They will return.>
<000001: Then they will perish.>"
*Your eyes open*
"Which I've wanted all along..."
As you return home, you think about how to stop them.
"These humans with their unreasonable and insatiable ambitions, they've gone far enough!"

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